About Us

We are always working to increase the quality of service we give our valued customers about PVC machines.

Our company, which adopts the principle of service to people, quality and reliability to ourselves; It has been deserved to be a company that has a say in the industry with the work that it has done in these difficult conditions. Undoubtedly, this success of our company, along with the harmonious works of professional and experienced teams, has found its place in the basic principle and service understanding of our company.

  Our basic principle is to satisfy our customers first when direct production and direct sales, and then to stick to our motto "Premium quality, Unlimited service", which is the principle of PENMAK MAKINA.

  PENMAK which adopts customer satisfaction as its main principle We are pleased to see your esteemed company on this reference list who will carry our beautiful Turkey to places worthy in the 21st century with the exports we have made to the 49 countries which are in a strong reference list following all the innovations and developments in the PVC sector. we heard.
  Because successful work is entirely achieved through the harmonization of professional teams. We are always at your service with our 18 years expert staff cadres, after sales and after-sales service.

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